Sunday, June 20, 2010

Medina Farmer's Market.

An evening before the market was quite busy. All the produce bought at the Amish auction had to be brought into the house for sorting. Mostly cherries had to be looked through, because a few boxes had very ripe cherries and some of them had to be given to chickens already. Didn't I tell you those chickens were coming to live a good life here?
Cindy let the girls have a blast with flower arrangements. To Leona's delight, her bouquet was sold first at the market. And, as a double compliment, a bee found her flowery creation very attractive as well.
When she was helping a customer to put the flowers into a plastic bag, nobody expected a bee attack.
Woofer "Tender heart" had to experience a bee sting yet one more time. A plantain weed came to the rescue, and her pain and suffering ended almost instantly. At least I was calm knowing that she was not allergic to bee stings and remedy should be nearby.

The girls were very helpful at the market. Ivana was in charge of the money and counted change, Leona helped in the packaging department, Milana was filling up boxes with green beans and cherries, and Evan was attracting and entertaining the crowds by driving his toy truck.
"Look, that's the little boy on a blue truck we have seen down there!", I would hear people laughing.
Music was playing, customers were coming in pretty steady flows, produce was going and by 1 pm or so, we had only some green beans, zucchinis, herbs, flowers and cherries left.

For dinner we had the table decorated with flowers, had some boiled potatoes with steamed green beans, fried zucchinis sprinkled with fresh parsley, and vanilla ice cream with black raspberries that farmer Steve did not bring to the market but had left for us to enjoy.


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