Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A night by the fire.

"Why Earth Song?", was one of my questions I asked Steve and Cindy.
I really liked the name and after spending five days on the farm I could not possibly think of a better suited name for it. What I had observed on the farm, really resonated with its name.

Cindy said that they had come up with a list of names, trying to find "the one". Both Steve and Cindy are into spirituality and harmonious co-existence with all the living things. Interestingly, they are avid fans of a book I am currently reading , "Anastasia", from "The Ringing cedar series", that talks about a spiritual connection with nature and surrounding world.
And as Cindy gave explanation to my question, all the sounds we here around us are one or another type of vibration. Conversations, music, songs, birds chirping, and the list goes on. And the Earth has its own song as well.

Steve and Cindy's house is filled with all kinds of different percussion instruments, drums of various sizes, flutes, recorders, maracas, other exotic things that are easy to use in music making.

And while the young woofers enjoyed drumming during the day time, the older woofers got a special time to do that.

It did not take long for woofer Steve and Mirek to build a bonfire behind the greenhouse. The open field with tall grasses and woods far in the back enhanced a beautiful picture of a setting sun that evening. We got plenty of bug spray (mosquitoes are aggressive here), long sleeves, since it gets quite chilly at dusk, pulled out our musical instruments and headed out to spend an evening by the fire.

Ivana and Leona had two potatoes that they wanted to roast in the ashes, Evan was snoozing away in the Airstream, Milana was happily dowsing off in my hands, three drums were keeping up with the beat, Mirek and Ivana played a few duets, Leona was adding to the fun with her instrument, and I simply could not have enough of the sky, the stars, and the moon.

The Big Dipper was straight up above our heads and the rest of the sky was planted with the shining jewels of the universe. As I was looking up, my humble mind could not possible comprehend the vastness of the space, my heart was beating steadily and I could feel the calmness, the purity, the uniqueness and magic of this moment in every cell of my body.

Then story telling took over. We will always remember a story of Kawanga, an African crocodile that so desperately wanted to be a dog, that it learnt to bark like you would never believe it, and was taken by a little girl to a village to live in her hut.

Another great story Ivana initiated was a story about a moon, the sun and the stars. Farmer Steve is a phenomenal story teller, and as the story was going around I was looking forward to his turn to add some spice to it. He always managed to give the story a funny twist and everybody would burst out laughing.

The kids begged for more nights out by the fire. But, sadly, it was the only night we managed to spent this way. But on other nights we talked, watched a movie and had ice cream, I tried to keep up with all the things I wanted to write about on my blog, read a book about foraging, and we simply allowed ourselves to soak in tremendous amounts of information we were receiving every day.


Unknown said...

Dear Julia and Co!!!

I finally caught up with the last three or four postings.
It is like reading a great bedtime book/story.
In fact I think I might make it part of my evening routine
I admire you all for being so smart, wise, and inspirational
Earth Song sounds like the perfect name for your temporary new home
from what I am seeing and reading.
Do you have an equally set amount of time on each
farm that you will be staying at?
What state is next?
I didn't think icecream and TV were part of the program but it sounds
good to me!!!!! :-) spoken like a true city girl lol

I am sending you my love, hugs, smiles, and light!
I love you all very much and will see you in my dreams.

Always, Yol'ka

Unknown said...

Oh I forgot to say that I read all your posts on my iPod Touch
(my newest favorite gadget) so I get to carry you guys in my heart
and in my pocket always!!!!!

I miss you!


Mirek said...

Hi, Yolka!
And, as always, your message is spoken from the heart! It makes me smile and love you even more!
Thank you so much for your support, encouragement, warm wishes and for being in our lives.We all love you dearly!
Keep in touch!
Julia and Mirek, plus the rest of the crew

Unknown said...

Hi guys! Seems that your first stay was quite pleasant and full of memories. I really enjoy following what you are doing. It brings me a breath of fresh air. Thanks for a sample of the music around the fire. It reminded me of my times around the camp fire with music and friends. Hugs and kisses to all of you.
Take care,

Julia and Mirek said...

Dear Nathalie!
It is great to hear from you!
You should take your family to this farm and spend some time there. You will all enjoy it!Stay in touch.

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