Friday, July 9, 2010

Charming Wisconsin setting.

As we pulled into the driveway in front of the house, we were still not sure if that was the right place. And then before we knew, two men started walking downhill to greet us. It was Mike and his son Phil. "Oh, you made it out here without directions from us! That's surprising!".

And surprising it was. When we took off the major highway, we were astonished to see road signs like "County Road JJ", or "County Road FF", or even better, "County Road MMM". We didn't come across "County Road FU", though. Could be a great joke in Wisconsin, don't you think?

Then we saw street signs, like "9 1/2 Street", or "8 3/4 Street". Now, someone did have fun naming the streets after all! Already being close to the farm, we had to pass Round Lake Court, then Round Lake Avenue (funny, what they call "avenue" here in Wisconsin!), and then, finally, we were able to make the turn into Round Lake Road, the one we were looking for.
When we woke up the next morning on the farm, Leona's first question was:"Mom, what state are we in today?". Yes, sometimes learning geography hands on (or in our case it's more like "wheels on") approach makes things a bit complicated for young, and not so young, minds the same.

There were two new things for us to learn on the farm. First, how to use a composting toilet. We needed a few instructions from Mike, and it didn't go without a few misuses in the beginning.
"Pee goes into this hole, and poop and the paper go into the other hole", Mike explained. "We need to make sure that pee and poop are separated, because we use them for different reasons. We dilute pee with water and use it
in the garden as nitrogen for the plants. And poop goes into a tank, then gets mixed with some pit moss and eventually turns into soil. We use it around the farm for trees and flowers".
The other new "thing" was an outdoor shower. The water for it is being solar heated. I really had no time to enjoy a nice and relaxing warm shower (that is kind of "my thing"). Since the water was only look warm even on a pretty hot day, our whole family was done showering like in 6 minutes. And, we showered only once in 4 days.

Yes, I have already given up on having clean toes and nails, kids legs and arms are scratched up and bitten by mosquitoes, Milana and Evan barely wear any shoes, some of kids' clothes is stained with fruit juices, so what the heck with showering every day!


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