Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Cherry orchards.

Another crop we found to be in abundance in Michigan were cherries, both sweet and sour. The sour cherries were so ripe that did not taste sour at all. I remember the taste of sour cherries growing up. I mean it! Those cherries of my far away youth would almost make my jaws lock! The sour cherries in Michigan were something you wouldn't have enough of!
We asked around and were directed to this cherry picking storage facility that was a bit up the hill from the road. We were surprised to discover that the cherries were taking a bath!
There was a row of huge containers filled with cold water full of cherries! They have to keep the picked fruits in the cool water to stop them from continuous ripening. They are transported by huge trucks to the canning factory later in a day. These cherries never make it to the stores, because they do not have a long shelf life.
Some Spanish got us a few handfuls of cherries. By the time we got to the lake Michigan beach, the container was almost empty. In the evening Evan's diaper was full of pits and a few pieces of clothes got irremovable stains.


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