Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fort Pierre National Grasslands.

The drive was getting a bit too long for one day, and we decided to stay for the night on the state campground. 8 miles out of Pierre, the capital of South Dakota, was a great place for us to rest. We stayed on a historical Farm Island Campground.
And the history had to do with Lewis and Clark cross country expedition. When they were in this area, they decided to stay for a while and grow their food to continue the journey. They picked Farm Island on purpose. Since it was all surrounded by water, their crops were safe from the prairie fires. Our site was right by the water but it was too late in the day to swim. And, in addition to that, we were exhausted. We needed a good night's sleep to be ready for another day on the road.
We left by 10 am and enjoyed more views of the prairies.
After we left Pierre, we took 83 South and drove through a protected area, Fort Pierre National Grassland. I hope you'll enjoy more prairie landscapes from my camera.


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