Saturday, July 3, 2010

Harvest time.

Isn't harvesting time the most fun? I think so, and so did our kids. Laura took charge in digging the garlic, and the younger woofers were responsible for bringing it to lay on the picnic tables. The garlic harvest had to be dried up, then braided in bunches and stored away to use for the entire year.
We were instructed it was very important to be gentle with the garlic heads, not to bruise them. Otherwise, they will spoil fast. And the kids were patient, taking a few extra trips to the cabin and bringing garlic in smaller amounts. As you can see, a perfect example of young woofers at work and taking it seriously!
The green stalks had to stay because all the energy from them would overtime go into the bulb, making the garlic bulb more potent.
Phil and Diane promised to send us with a bunch of fresh garlic! I loved this idea!


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