Sunday, July 4, 2010

Leaving for Michigan.

It has been a while since we were on the road (12 days!!!), and we were getting the jigs to get moving again. New places, new people, new experiences are waiting for us and there is no time to spare!

The ride went pretty smoothly, with a few exceptions, of course. We still had to figure out what was causing the trailer brakes to go into on and off mode. In the evening we tested the new unit, and then, again, in the morning it would not work! Mystery had to be solved!

Apparently, the wires inside the Airstream came loose and there was not enough current to power the brakes. By 1 pm we were ready to go and got relieved to know that the brakes are working all right!

Going through Indiana for a very, very short stretch of highway, I was outraged when we had to pay a toll of $8.60.

Another moment was when we almost run out of gasoline and started frantically looking for a gas station. In panic, we took the first exit with the sign of a gas station, couldn't find it as it was tucked 2 miles away from the highway, had to drive around for a while and ask for the directions.

Milana basically saved us from going insane.
"ET phone home. ET phone home", she would imitate the intonation so well after watching the movie at Phil and Diane's the night before, that we all busted out laughing!

All well that ends well. We have safely arrived to "Maple Moon Farm", located in Shelby, Michigan.


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