Sunday, July 25, 2010

Making new friends with Lakota kids.

Charlie, Aleksandra, Leona, Ivana, Alexias and Raven on the bicycle.
Ivana, Raven and Alexias visiting us in the Airstream.
Ivana and Alexias are double riding my bicycle.
Leona and Aleksandra by the Airstream.

Aleksandra, Alexias and Cahrlie are siblings. They live right across the street and have been coming to play with our kids. The girls got to be friends right away and had a blast playing together. Between jumping on the trampoline, riding the bicycles, watching some cartoons together, talking and finding out that they are not that different after all, the day was full of fun times even on this seemingly "nothing to do piece of land".

Ivana taught Alexias some words in Russian and gave her a tour of our house on the wheels. Alexias, on the other hand, taught Ivana some Lakota words. Now we have added to our limited Lakota language. Besides using "tatanka" for a buffalo when back home in PA, we now say "mene" for water, "sapa" for black, and "hee hah nee washte" for good morning.


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