Thursday, July 29, 2010

A night in the corn field.

We left South Dakota in the morning and headed to North Dakota. The plan was to push as much as we could (or the kids could, for that matter), then find a campground, sleep overnight and arrive to a Dairy By The Lake Farm in Anamoose, North Dakota the next day.

We are 3,561 miles into our trip so far.

As we were getting enough of driving, Lake Hiddenwood campground was nowhere to be found and we didn't want to drive around, making U turns in search of it. That's said, a new plan was born.

The countryside was all farms and ranches. First, we wanted to be polite, knock on the door and ask on a farm if we could spend a night on their property. We drove and drove, and drove some more. The sun was setting, everybody was hungry and tired, and all we could see were fields and fields. We'd drive to a tree grove hoping to find a homestead there, but it was either only an equipment storage or some kind of building, but no house. There was nothing else for us to do but to pull into a field and spend a night the gypsy style.

For our bravery we were rewarded with a beautiful sunset and a welcoming sunrise.
The sunset.
The sunrise.


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