Monday, July 26, 2010

Progress on the swing set.

Can't you tell Mirek has been feeling so much better? As the frame was up and standing, he decided to test it. Shannon's special request was to built something that would last long. The kids get rough sometimes and the winters are pretty severe here, so with 6x6s is was easy to make a sturdy solid construction.
Milana was eager to have the play area finished so that they could play and decided to help out so things go a bit faster.
Mirek didn't have 9 interns to help him with his building project, but what could be compared to having a fantastic crew of admirers instead? When he started adding final details and the kids could see the swing coming to life, they were getting more and more excited.
I think everybody would agree that the fort side came out great! Untreated logs on both sides and a slanted raggedy roof added a charm and a personality to the swing set.
The hardware and the rope for the swings had been purchased before we came. So it was only a matter of time for Mirek to put it in and attach the swings. We hope that the Tee Pee side will be added soon after we leave to complete the idea of the "Friendship" swing set. Also, Raven's other grand father from Wisconsin is coming in August for Raven's 2nd birthday, and hopefully he will be able to build a sand box that would go under the fort.

Some might look at this set and think of it as something small. I don't. I look at this swing set and think of it as the biggest gift from our family to the Lakota kids. I hope that the play ground will be expanded over time, and kids from the neighborhood would be coming to create friendships and memories that would last them through their lives.

We wish our seed of creativity would sprout and spread around in the reservation, and add to Shannon's efforts to show with good example what could be done if there is a wish. Now it is Lakota's turn to get to wish for better lives and future for their children.


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