Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cutting zinnias.

The first day we arrived we helped with harvesting zinnias. I've always admired them in the supermarkets, neatly arranged into bouquets. But when I saw rows and rows of beautiful zinnias on the farm, growing strong and in their glory, I just had to take a breath! A river of spectacular colors! The Gardendwellers sell the flowers as additional product to the supermarkets and restaurants. But mostly, Holly likes to take them to the farmer's market.
They don't really make any money on zinnias. They are sold for only a quarter each.
"Why so little?", I asked, knowing how much they go in the supermarket for.
"Well, I don't really care about making money on flowers", Holly told me and then continued. "I want everybody to be able to afford to buy flowers. I keep my price affordable, so that people wouldn't have to choose between buying produce or buying flowers. Everybody should come home from the farmer's market and put flowers on a dinner table".
I saw a billboard on the side of the road here in North Dakota. It simply contained two words: "Be Kind". Holly's view on selling her flowers is a true act of kindness!
That evening I brought to our dinner/computer table in the Airstream a bouquet of zinnias as well, as a token of love from my dear hubby and children!


Unknown said...

Hi Ivana! You look so pretty with the flowers!


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