Sunday, August 1, 2010

A story of a giant egg.

Are you wondering if they have dianosaurs here on the farm? This giant egg would definitely do as one.

One morning Ivana found this egg in the chicken coop. There was no need to try to guess who had laid it as the white broiler that was running around was unmistakenly the mother hen to be.
"We wanted to butcher her but then she started laying eggs. So we let her live and put her into pet category", Julie was telling us. "Now she's barely walking as it grew so big, but we like her anyway".

As our math and science project for the day, we had to compare the weight of the regular size egg with the abnormal monster. It was 49 grams versus 130 grams. We were pleasantly surprised to find out that our predictions of a possibility of this egg to have three yolks came true! Triple sized egg with triple yolks! How do you like that!? North Dakota just doesn't want to stop to amaze us!

"Mom, the chicken is dead! She's dead! I walked into the coop to get the eggs she was dead!", Ivana came running to me the next day.

Oh, well. It was quite a job for the guys to dig a grave for Julie's pet chicken.
"I guess she was trying to give birth to a quadruple egg and get into the World Records Book", Julie was joking. "She is now in chicken heaven".


Unknown said...

We had a bunch of white broilers one year when we lived in VA. They did give big eggs and aged quickly and died young from a heart attack.Not so pretty

Julia and Mirek said...

OK, now we now. Too bad it wasn't some sort of a special egg!!! But, it was very special for us!!! Thanks!

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