Monday, August 2, 2010

Woofer Farmer Girl.

Woofer Framer Girl, Ivana, has really proved her nick name to be the only right one for her. She was more than happy to be in the midst of all the milking commotion. She wouldn't mind doing it twice a day, but the evening milking was a bit too late for her to stay up. She went to sleep every evening feeling sad for being deprived of her favorite way to spend time on the farm.
"I like to get dirty", she confessed to me. "It's fun to play in the cow's manure". Ah?.. Say it again?!..
Julie was really patient and spent a lot of time with Ivana in the milking parlor, teaching her and letting her try to have a first hand experience.
When we were coming back to the farm from the farmer's market we had visited in Anamoose one day, we had a short dialogue in the car.
" Lets go home," Ivana said.
"Home? Where is home?", I asked.
"Home is where the cows are!", she replied.

I am wondering now if we will really have a farmer girl one day?


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