Thursday, September 16, 2010

Getting to know the ranch.

When the next morning we were happily marching downhill to meet the rest of the family and find out about life on the ranch, my previous night's suspicions of a steep and narrow driveway leading down to the ranch got confirmed. That's what it means to be an experienced "vagabonder". If we tried to make it down with the Airstream, there was no way we would be able to pull it back up.
Besides Anore, whom we had met a night before, there are three more family members for us to get acquainted with. Keith, Anore's husband, has had 2 strokes, but is holding up pretty amazingly, and two granddaughters, Vanessa and Cynthia, junior high and college freshmen respectively.
There are also a lot of animals living on the ranch: two dogs, eight goats, three horses, four cows, seven cats, a bunch of chickens and a number of peacocks.

The goats get to forage in the nearby mountains because Anore lets them roam loose right after morning feeding and milking.
"I have to treat them really well, so that they come back home. They have plenty of food all around them on the mountains. As you can see we do not burn their horns so that they can protect themselves against the predators. They don't really have to come home, but they do," Anore was explaining while giving us a tour of the farm in the morning.
"You'll have to be vigilant with the peacocks. They are beautiful, majestic birds, but so vicious! I wouldn't leave Evan or Milana alone around them," she suggested.
Well, I knew Evan, Milana, and the two older girls would always have to be close to me. I had to be constantly alert about where they were playing and what they were playing with.
With black widows lurking in the dark crevices any picked up rock could possibly be a potential danger. Little hand stretched out into a den to pick a beautiful iridescent peacock feather could be bitten by a poisonous spider, or a rattle snake or a scorpion.
"We have dangers all around us all the time. You just have to stay alert and learn your ways around. Always have a flashlight when it gets dark," Anore was giving us valuable advice, as I was almost sure that the place was a bit too much for me to handle with so many little people to watch out for and so many possible dangers to be aware of.
But knowing about it was very important, because knowledge is power, that will help us avoid a lot of unpleasant situation.


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