Thursday, September 2, 2010

Our chores.

Chore #2: Blackberry picking.

Tools of trade: long sleeved shirt, pants, heavy duty gloves, snips, buckets to hang on your neck, wiliness to get scratched. Chances of having belly aches.
Frequency: daily.
Benefits: wwoofer's full bellies, extraordinary vitamins and antioxidants intake, happy winter times with lots and lots of blackberry jams, kompots, preserves and mostly wine (7-8 full jars will produce about 5 gallons of wine. Not bad, ah?). Leftover pulp will also be made into special goat treats, supplemented with calcium.


Unknown said...

You, guys, are looking good and happy ! :-)

Julia and Mirek said...

Thank you, Nathalie!
You are a true friend for posting so many comments!

Unknown said...

I love to keep up with you guys. I think I traveled with you in my mind. So thank you for sharing!

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