Friday, June 24, 2011

It's been awhile!

I kind of feel bad. I quit blogging last year and didn't complete the story about our wwoofing adventures. Apparently, I had a few faithful followers who had contacted me and expressed their concerns why I had disappeared. I apologize! I admit it wasn't very nice of me to drop "web dead" like that!

Not to go into too much of detailed explanation, I simply will say that I felt discouraged. When we found out that we had to end our travels last October and go back home to take care of a few things, I felt lost. I didn't want our travels to end and I didn't want to go home! I felt that we still had so much to see and learn and explore! But sometimes circumstances hold us back and there is little we can do about it! So, I have put on blogging and now I am coming back. First, I will write about our marvelous 3 weeks stay in Utah, then will give heads up on our wintering over and then update you about where we are now and what we are up to. So, stay tuned! Thanks for not giving up on me!


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