Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Greenhouse and the goats.

When a new moon is smiling through the Airstream window and the dancing fireflies are performing their majestic flickering tricks, you simply know that the next day is going to be great. And so it was!
Our first day on the farm was like coming home after a long time being away. Things seemed new, but at the same time very close to our hearts.
We set our "Silver Maiden" (the girls gave our Airstream this nick name because, they say, it is pretty) under the tree close enough to the house to have an electrical and water hook ups. The goats' pasture with a pond only a few yards away, the gardens and the green houses are to the left, chicken coop is a short walk through the woods and our wonderful host's house is very welcoming.
We spent the day mostly helping in the greenhouse. The girls and Mirek were watering, I took charge in clipping tomato plants to the string so that it supports the plants' weight and was snatching the suckers (extra branches that do not produce, but make the plant grow to be unmanageable in size). The smell of the tomato vines brought distant memories of my childhood, the times of us working on the communal fields.
Everything looks so lush and healthy in the greenhouse. All the vegetables are blooming, getting stronger by minute with all the lovable and caring energy surrounding them.
While we were working, the younger woofers were playing in the sand box, having a blast.
"Mom, thank you for picking this farm for us to stay at", Ivana told me in the evening while getting ready to go to bed. "I really love the goats! I know all their names already! I am going to wake up tomorrow really early and go play with them."
"Me too!"
"Me too!"
On the farm they have Nubian goats that are great for milking. Guess what we had had for breakfast? Yep, cereal with freshly picked strawberries with raw goat milk. Everybody took turns milking Ariel, without exceptions.
"You are natural!", Cindy told me after I squirted most of the milk into the bucket.
We swept cob webs to make the barn look pretty, fed the goats, and before we knew it, dinner time was right around the corner.
Farmer Steve was saying later that he had really enjoyed watching our kids interact with the goats. Them playing together was better than any comedy.
Hooray for "Earth Song" farm today!


The gardendwellers said...

Wow! It looks like you are having GREAT fun! Can't wait to meet you and have you at gardendwellers FARM - although it doesn't look as beautiful as Earth Song farm - I think I'm envious. Hope you're not disappointed in our little place after all you'll see between PA and ND!
Barry and Holly Mawby - Churchs Ferry, ND

Mirek said...

Dear Barry and Holly!
Thank you for joining our blog followers!
We are having a great time here in Ohio, but are looking forward to new adventures, new challenges, new things to see and learn about!
Even a little place can bring a lot of happiness. We are looking forward to meeting you too and spend some great times on GardenDwellers Farm!
Julia, Mirek and the rest of the woofers :0)

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