Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The day we left.

"Mom, are we going on a cross country trip today?", Milana asked me in the morning.
"Yes, we are."
It is June 15, and we are hitting the road. Our first destination is "Earth Song" farm in Lodi, Ohio. Check them out here:

Setting up time frames really helps, especially when you go on a very long trip and it is important to start early to have extra time for emergency situations that almost always happen.

We had decided we wanted to leave from home the latest at 8 am and leave from the friend's house, where our Airstream was waiting for us, not later than by 9:30. And our "Woofer Captain" was put into test way before we hit the highway 80. He had to back out from a very narrow, long and bumpy driveway onto a two way street two weeks after our truck had acted and decided it did not like to go backwards anymore and wanted some repairs done for a lot of money.
Right at the end of the driveway we were presented with yet another challenge. The Airstream's buttocks were on the ground and we needed to lift them up. 30 minutes later of building a bridge out of the rocks and 2x4s, my redirecting traffic to go around the slowly making it out to the road trailer, some sweat and "stop and go" commands, we were on the road!
Parking among the "big boys" on the rest areas made us feel big and important.
We made our first 429 miles to Lodi, OH in 8 and a half hours with two short "run around plus stretch" and gasoline stops. Captain seemed to be happy to find out that we were making 12 miles out of a gallon pulling the Airstream with our truck. We thought it would be more. Tomorrow is the first day on the farm. We'd better get some good night sleep.


Anonymous said...

Privet Beautiful family! Sending you love and good wishes on your trip from Italy from Anka, Sashka, Isabelle and Sashanka! WOW!!! I am speechless!! You guys are great! Always wished to travel across the country with the kids. May be we will follow in your footsteps one day! this summer our son Nick is traveling with his girl across the country too. Perhaps you guys will run into each other. We lived in Italy for 2 years now. It has been an amazing journey and now we are coming back, because of work. Will be settling down in Princeton NJ area. If you guys will be coming back east, please consider visiting us! Much love to you all!

Julia and Mirek said...

Privet and thank you, Anka and the family!
It is great to hear from you! Can't wait to hear all the stories about your adventures in Italy!
Stay in touch!

Unknown said...

Bon voyage! Andres, the children and I all wish you a wonderful journey. We will look forward to reading all about your adventures. We wish you the best and will miss you!

Best wishes,

Unknown said...

Hello all of you. It looks like you are handling the challenges like champs! Happy farming tomorrow! I love the pictures.

Mirek said...

Thank you for all your wonderful wishes!
Stay in touch!

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