Sunday, June 13, 2010

Packing up.

It has been day number three of packing up. Bags with clothes (both warm and light), containers with food, boxes with shoes, mattresses and bed linens, books (in three languages for three levels of readers), art supplies, kitchen stuff, personal care things, a few toys, fishing equipment, bicycles, games for outdoors, etc...
The storage spaces did fill up quickly. Oh, how we appreciate Airstream's spaciousness!
The girls were busy setting up their "room". They've sorted all the clothes into bins, decided which favorite dolls are going for a ride, and were chatting away, claiming the bed sites and who they were going to share the bed with. It was voted that Ivana would sleep with Evan, and Leona would sleep with Milana. Done.
My head, on the other hand, was spinning, trying to decide what kitchen stuff to take, so that I don't take unnecessary utensils, pots and pans. Thus adding extra weight to the already heavy load. But since I like to have everything I need for cooking, almost my entire home kitchen had made it into my Airstream kitchen. I'd better bake those muffins, make milk shakes, juice fresh vegetables, and cook all kids of gourmet meals so that I use what I took!


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