Monday, July 19, 2010

Chicken for dinner.

A new experience on "Humble Roots Heritage" farm included participating in butchering three chickens. It was first time this season that Joe and Jessi would try chicken meat. They kind of had to "test drive it", to know what weight to expect from the birds when they would take then to the butcher in two weeks. Also, Joe's father, John was coming for a visit with his wife, Maria. Plus, they wanted to treat us to a very good dinner.
Ivana will become a great farm girl one day. She was ready to help with plucking and took charge in dipping the bird into 140 degrees water.
Plucking was done pretty quickly. Then we got to see the intestines, found out what was in the stomach, examined the healthy heart and lungs.
Dinner was plentiful and we also didn't let the gizzards go to waste. Mirek cooked a chicken soup with Polish noodles, Jessi baked the chickens with rice and veggies, and nobody seemed to be very traumatized by the experience. Maybe Leona was, a little.


Unknown said...

This all reminds me of when I did this for the first time at some friends' farm years ago. Well done Ivana!

Diana said...

Very impressed!
Just sitting in Moscow everything looks very attractive and easy.
It is so good that you found such an interesting and not expensive way to spend the summer!!!
Kids are very much impressed and full of emotions!

I love all your pictures and read your blog every morning before I start my work!

Big hug!

Julia and Mirek said...

Privet, Diana!
We are very happy you are following our adventures! Glad to hear from you!Yes, it is a big trip and the kids are learning a lot.
Thanks for sending us a little note, we appreciate it!

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