Monday, July 19, 2010

A windmill house.

Now, this is going to blow your mind away. We visited John and Maria's residency today. They live in a windmill house that according to Mirek's estimate has about 150 square feet of living space. You walk in and there is a neatly made bed for two on your left side, right behind the door, the living room space and the kitchen, to the right there is a shower area with drain holes to the ground and a few pitchers for warm water that need to be heated on the wood burning stove.
Long time ago John bought a gravel pit sight from the county. There was no more gravel to be excavated and the 17 acres of irregular hills and crevices went for sale. Now it is all covered with grass and a bit hilly terrain is not so typical for a prairie land. John started this windmill long time ago and got to complete it when he met Maria, his second wife. Then, they moved in and John had to give up his earth lodge house, where he had lived by himself for a few years.

"Aren't you guys cold in here in the winter?", I asked.
"No, it actually gets so hot with a woodburning stove that we almost run around naked in the winter", John said.

John invited us to come to the top and enjoy a bird's eye view of the prairie. The top of the mill can be turned in the direction of the wind.
"We came up here and watched a tornado once. Not a smart place to be in that kind of weather, but we juts couldn't resist it!", he said with a smile of a child who knew that he had been naughty.
There is also an extra bed on the loft. But it is basically unbearable to sleep there at night. The lights from the passing cars on the freeway get projected on the glass windows and create a disco effect. Plus it gets too hot upstairs. The downstairs were nice and cool.
Both John and Maria are artists and we got invited to see their work in the studio in the town. John has an outdoor studio right by the windmill house, and gets to the studio only in the winter. Maria goes to her studio everyday and enjoys her full time painting a lot.


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