Friday, July 16, 2010

Chicken house.

While we were staying in Dundas, Minnesota, two chicks had hatched and the girls wanted to build a chicken house for them. Tori and Ivana became true project managers. They would wake up early in the morning, sneak out to the chicken coop and make a plan.
They were allowed to use the scrap wooden planks, got a hammer, nails and a hand saw.
It took them two days to make it all happen. The plan on the paper was transformed into a real thing with minimal interference from the adults.
Before they knew it they had a full crew. Everybody got a chance to put a few nails, including Evan.
The painting was the most fun, I guess, since they were so close to completing the project. Younger girls painted the base coats in blue and green, and then Tori and Ivana took liberty in putting some final details with sharpies and markers.


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