Friday, July 16, 2010

A secret box.

When can hiking in the woods become even more fun? Besides hunting for mushrooms in Minnesota, we also came across a secret box.
Linda told us that, apparently, there is a game going on among the avid hikers. They use GPS to locate a secret box. The army heavy duty metal boxes are being hidden all over the US, and crazy outdoors men search for those boxes while hiking.
We were not looking for the box, but Linda told us that there was one on the wooded part of her property. We had almost missed it, but then at the last moment Linda spotted it in the bushes way off the hiking path. We dragged it up and opened it.
After examining what was inside, we left a few trinkets as well, and wrote a note in the note book that was inside.
We got down to the Cannon River and spent some time wading in the water. It was a hot day, so cooling off in the river was a great time spent. For dinner we cooked mushroom and potatoes soup.


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