Wednesday, July 21, 2010

De Smet, South Dakota.

When I found out there was the town of De Smet on our way, we decided it would be a perfect place to have lunch and to visit a historical place where Laura, from "Little Town on the Prairie" book, used to walk the streets. Bearing in mind that 4 books, out of 9 in the series, were set in De Smet area, visiting the town became absolutely a must.
Some people pay $8.00 per adult for a guided tour of the town. And we just got a map with a highlighted path, and went to discover everything on our own.
We walked through a flower garden, saw a Surveyor's Shanty where the Ingalls lived while Pa worked for the railroad, visited the school house that Laura and Mary attended and then went down through the town streets.

Next time we'll be rereading the books, we'll have a better visual picture of the place.


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