Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Leaving for South Dakota.

It was going to be another long day on the road for us. And even though Mirek wanted to leave by 7am, I knew it wouldn't happen sooner than 10am. After a quick breakfast we were ready to rock and roll. Joe was at work, so the group picture had to be taken without him.
The kids insisted on me taking a photo with Piglet, a "never tired to play fetch" Australian sheep dog that snorts like a pig. Piglet would bring the stick even to Evan when nobody else wanted to play anymore. Evan didn't mind and was happy to pick up and throw for Piglet a sticky, wet from saliva, chewed through piece of wood.

When you walk into Jessi and Joe's kitchen, big black letters above the fridge scream into your face "NOT TO FEAR". And that was exactly what I've learnt from them. Be passionate about what you do in life, keep faith and be cheerful, be compassionate and share what you have with others, live simply and enjoy every moment of it!

We were also very grateful to have "Humble Roots Heritage" farm as our "recovery clinic". I knew it was bound to happen. With all the moving around, new food and water, the kids had to get sick at some point. As weird as it sounds but we couldn't have asked for a better place to become ill! All four of the kids, starting with Evan, got a stomach virus, followed by fever, body aches and the other fun part, like throwing up. On the second day of our stay, I simple had to hold Evan for the whole day as the poor baby wanted nothing to do with moving around.

Leona's tooth ache had to be taken care of as well. And we spent one of the days going from one dental clinic in town to another, bargaining and negotiating. I looked at it as an opportunity to do a research on medical care in Minnesota. In the end, we were blessed to find a very gentle and caring dentist whose parents were originally from the Czech Republic. We are $153 lighter in the wallet, but no more tooth ache!
We have bonded with our hosts and were sad to leave. But the road was calling us, and we left for South Dakota. We will miss Jessi, Joe, Azure and Aurelia. Don't ask me how, but I have a strong feeling our paths might cross again. Till then, "Humble Roots Heritage"!


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