Saturday, July 10, 2010

Interstate Park.

Another stop we made was at the Taylors Falls. St. Croix river is the border between Wisconsin and Minnesota. So we were on Minnesota side and took a hike down to the river and the beautiful Interstate Park.
The kids had a lot of fun climbing the rocks.
St. Croix River flows into the Mississippi River just a bit south from here. This particular part of S. Croix River is the area where the water flows through the park's rocky cliffs as known as "the St. Croix Dalles". The word "dalles" comes from French language and refers to a steep rocky gorge.
The area where we were walking was 200 feet under water before the ice age. As the glaciers were moving down on a basalt riverbed, rocks were busy at work. They were carried into the holes by the powerful currents where they were tumbled, spun and smoothed, some becoming nearly round. Some of the potholes were small, some very large, and some simply gigantic.
For the better view of the gorge tourists could take this boat ride. It is family operated for over 100 years, and the choices vary from a simple 30 minute ride to a private banquet and fiesta cruises.
We had opted out for an inexpensive kind of fun. Lots of walking, running, climbing, watching professional rock climbing and such. We were exhausted by the end of the trip and hurried back to the farm to finally meet Barb.


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