Saturday, July 10, 2010

Yo-yo capital of the world.

At the museum we also discovered that Luck is the YO-YO capital of the world! The Luck firm, also known as Donald F. Duncan, Inc. owned the yo-yo name. Yo-yos originated in the Philippines, and the Luck company started making yo-yos in 1946.
1,00,000 feet of maple boards per year were made into all different shapes and kinds of yo-yos, with 3,600 of them produced in an hour.
In 1960 plastic yo-yos took over the production. Sales grew and grew and they still couldn't keep up with the demand. By 1962, the Duncan Company alone sold the record 45 million yo-yos in a country with only 40 million kids. And still they couldn't keep up with the demand.
Yo-yo competitions, yo-you presidential presentations (there was a photo of Nixon trying his skill at yo-yoing), and a lot of facts about yo-yos enlightened me a lot about this simple toy.


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