Saturday, July 10, 2010

We are in Luck!

In the morning Mike came in to wake us up, and he had made a plan.
"Some changes in plans", he said. "You are having a day off today!" Mike needed to go help his brother with moving a pharmacy into a new building, and he sent us on adventure to a few places.

First, we stopped in the town of Luck. Population 1,022. We took a stroll on a Main Street, stopped at the local organic food co-op, and peeked into a newly built library. There was a mini museum at the library, and that's where we learned a few things about the area we were visiting.

In case you are as curious as I was to find out what is the story of the town's name, here it is. Daniel Smith was the one who gave the name to the town of Luck.
He was born in Chautaugua County, NY, in 1813. In 1834 he traveled to Michigan and married Eliza Green.
They then moved to Racine County, WI, and then to Stevens Point, where he helped to start two businesses. One of his partners was accidentally killed and the business closed.
He then moved to Memphis, TN, where he started a grocery business. The business failed and he lost all of his money.
Smith then tried many businesses including mining in CA, and manufacturing shingles. In 1862 he returned to St. Croix Falls and started a logging business. In 1868 he built a saw mill on Big Butternut Lake.
Daniel and William Foster both helped start Luck Township in 1868. Daniel is sometimes given credit for choosing the name Luck, as his luck had changed from bad to good when he moved to Big Butternut Lake. "I want to be in Luck the rest of my life," he said as he proposed the name Luck for his new home.


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