Friday, July 9, 2010

Our working days.

By now our whole team has become professional mulchers. However, the little feet still did get to step on a few young onions, so it seemed like keeping them busy on the truck was a better idea.
Both Milana and Evan were more than happy to be passing us the loose bunches of hey and we couldn't keep up with their enthusiastic team.
We took a few trips to get more hay at the neighbor's farm, all of us sitting on the open bed of the pick up truck.

In two days we managed to cover a nice size area. Mulching tomatoes was easier, because the plants were taller, so no damage to the crop was done.
As it got hotter towards noon, we got a new assignment to work in the basement. Last year's potatoes had to be "de-eyed". This way they will last longer till the new crop is ready to be harvested.

Then there was another chore that needed to be done. Honestly, it was a bit on a stinky side. But, hey, if it needed to be done, it needed to be done. Period. Mike brought a sign out and said: "Now, this is going to make you laugh!". On the sign it was "Mike Miles for Congress". He was right, it did make me laugh. Mike ran for the Green Party three times, and he said he had done pretty well.

He stretched it on the floor and dumped half a bucket of smelly wet sand onto it. Last year's carrots were going bad, and the task was for me to go through the sand, put the rotten carrots into one bucket, more or less decent ones into the other to be cooked for pigs. And clean sand would go back onto the basketball court. It was almost not worth doing as there were not too many carrots, the stench was throwing me off balance, but the assignment was completed.

Then Mike announced that we all need a "happy hour". The big boys got their beer, the kids got treated to a popcorn, and I took off for a bike ride in the country.


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