Sunday, July 11, 2010

Music together.

It is just wonderful that wherever we go, we are able to play some music together! I just love this simple, old times get togethers, when people can enjoy each other company despite differences in age, or world view, or even religion.

We spent a phenomenal Sunday evening together. Mirek had volunteered to cook an ethnic Hungarian veal paprikash over pasta, and Babr and the girls had cooked yet another dessert (it was nectarine raspberry pie this time). After a delicious dinner we played and sang till 9:30 pm.

Barb was playing an accordion. "Oh, it is my dream to learn to play an accordion!", I told her. But Barb thought it was a shallow kind of dream and chuckled a bit. Yes, I know, it is not like I am dreaming about climbing Mt. Everest or something. It is very down to Earth kind of dream of mine.

Mike and Mirek were both playing guitars. The band had started to take a shape.

Allie, a 18 year old high school grad, came by to spend an evening with Barb and Mike before leaving to England to participate in big ships' race. She brought her fiddle along.

We also had a drummer boy. Hugh, another volunteer on the farm, is a medical college student. He had found out about Mike and Barb through Catholic Charity, and came to spend two weeks on the farm. He is vegan, and has been experimenting with his intake of calories to see how much he needs to feel energetic and happy. In a nutshell, he is a minimalist. He spends $40 a week on his food, buying it locally and organically, doesn't have a TV or internet, and this year he has made a pledge to ride only public transportation or his bike. He is the calmest person I have even met. He can say a lot with a very few words.

Linda, Mike and Barb's sister in law, stopped by. She was the voice in our band. Ivana played a few pieces on her violin, but then the kids mostly contributed by dancing and clapping.

I was the paparazzi, again, and was video recording and taking pictures. Too bad the video files are too large and I can't really post them here.


Unknown said...

Julia, Mirek, Ivana, Leona, Milana, & Evan:

Nice blog! I'm glad to see that the Odyssey is still rolling along.

Much love to you all,

Julia and Mirek said...

Thanks, Hugh!
We were glad to spend a few days with you on the farm! It has been a lot of fun! Thanks for stopping by and keep in touch!

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