Sunday, July 11, 2010

West Danish Chruch.

We visited the church that Prime Minister of Denmark had visited a few years ago while being on business trip in the US.
Both pastors were out of town, and the mass was led by a former university music professor. I was sure he had heard it a thousand times, but I still had to tell him that he had a beautiful voice.

There was a lot of singing from a Danish hymnal, and the professor had prepared a mass with emphasis on Danish hymn composers. Most of the people at the church were of Danish decent, a lot of them could speak some Danish, some of them had visited Denmark at some point in their lives, and you could just feel that it was very important for the parishioners to preserve their European heritage. I could definitely associate with that!


deenie said...

Love reading the posts! Happy journey!
The Cino Family

Julia and Mirek said...

Thank you, the Cino family!

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