Saturday, August 28, 2010

Beaches on Waldron.


Unknown said...

Thanks again for sharing your trip with us. I'm so happy for you for the wonderful experiences you've had. Congratulations on making it as far West as you could! Take care, Nathalie.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Hey Jul'ka and company! I fell off the face of the earth and have missed my dose of inspiration throughout the summer. :-( I have lots of catching up to do and I am so looking forward to it! It will be like curling up with the most loving and amazing book in the Universe and embarking on its journey: what a beautiful way to start my most favorite season!!
The second I saw your newest pics/post I got goosebumps!!!!!
I am sorry again for being MIA in the past weeks and THANK YOU again and again for living out loud the life that so many only dream about!
YOU are my inspiration!

With love,


Julia and Mirek said...

Hey, Yolka! Thanks for stopping by! Your messages are so wonderful and make us feel really special (which we are not at all!). I hope you'll enjoy reading our older posts as well! Thanks for the happy belated congratulations! I read the message to Ivana and Mirek read his. Thanks for being so thoughtful and fun! we miss you a lot!

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