Friday, August 27, 2010

Island snapshot.

Betsy and Bob's house and the tents we slept in.

An overview from a guide for newcomers.

Waldron Island snapshot:
Population: 80 people.
Sq. miles: 4.5
Acres: 2,900
Electricity: none

"While Waldron frequently characterized by the "amenities" it does not have, it is rich in attributes highly valued by the majority of residents and property owners. Fields and forests, rocks and beaches, clean air and water are a part of everyday life, as are litter-free unpaved roads, with minimal motor vehicle traffic. Children have a sense of almost complete safety, a rare and fragile almost unheard of state of grace in this day and age. Privacy and quiet prevail: sounds of engines and machinery with their attendant pollutants, physical hazards and disruptions do not predominate in any area. With no retail outlet or commercial entertainment or outdoor-area lighting, Waldron nights are dark. The small size of the resident population allows for intimate participation in matters affecting the community. The limited opportunities for earning money are to a great extent offset by the limited opportunities for spending it, and by ways to meet the one's needs in creative, non-monetary ways. There is no ferry service. There are no public utilities. There are no public facilities to attract people to Waldron. There is only one private dock. Commercial recreational facilities are prohibited and development restricted under Waldron's designation as a Limited Development District. Waldron is not a wilderness, but the environment that is relatively unspoiled."


Diana said...

Oh, Dear! It's soooooooo beautiful, you'll definitely enjoy your time in the unspoiled environment!!!

Big hug,

Julia and Mirek said...

Hi, Dianochka!
Waldron IS a special place! And the environment there is what the rest of the world is searching for right now!
Thanks for your comments! We hope our pictures bring a smile to your face every now and then!

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