Sunday, August 22, 2010

Farm in Chimacum Valley.

Inside the tasting room trying a glass of apple cider made in the next room.
Making new friends. River, Ivana and Leona.
Leaving Fred's Homegrown Farm early wasn't really an issue. The drive to our next farm was about 4 hours or so, and we were sure we'd make it up there way before dinner.
We went north heading towards Chimacum valley to stay for 3 days on FinnRiver Farm. Check them out here:

We drove through Olympic National Forest that was absolutely beautiful, stopped by at the state park for late lunch or an early dinner, whatever suits you best, let the kids chill out, wade in the water and pick oyster shells adding them to our collection of trivia from the state of Washington.

"Let's try some oysters!", Mirek suggested when we were passing by one of the towns which had been pronounced the oyster capital of the world. The kids agreed, but I still remembered our experience trying lobster when we traveled to Maine last fall and hoped the list of things we do not like to eat would not get longer this time.

Sampling smoked oysters simply insulted my taste buds! Not to insult all the oyster lovers, it was THE most unbearable thing I had ever eaten in my life! The smell and the taste of the low tide of the Pacific Ocean was so overwhelmingly nauseating that I had to go to brush my teeth and scrub my tongue to get rid of the oyster taste and smell. Oysters went right after the lobsters on the no-no list for us!

We were supposed to arrive to the farm at arounf 5pm or so. But we had been circling around in search of Barn Swallow Road, that apparently could not be seen from the Circle Road that we were on. It was already way past 6 pm, so we took our chances and decide to make a right turn and drive up a bit to see if the farm would be there. It was narrow gravel road slightly going up. Oh, no. We had learnt our lesson in Montana! Wised up we left the car with the trailer on the side down by the bridge and walked up to make sure it was the farm we were going to. And it was.


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