Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Two more ferry rides.

Early morning in Port Townsend, WA.
Our final destination going cross country was the Waldron Island. We had been scheduled to arrive on Waldron on Tuesday, August 24th. It's been a long time anticipated visit and we were all quite ecstatic. The off grid island in the middle of Salish Sea (the northern part of the Straight of Juan De Fuca) attracted us stronger than any magnet would.

On Monday evening our supply of clothes for a week stay was packed, food was prepared, leaving the trailer on FinnRiver Farm had been arranged, and the kids were sent to bed early for a good night's sleep to be able to wake up at 5 am. I and Mirek finished making blueberry jam at about 12am, exhausted we dropped under the sleeping bag that we use to cover ourselves with. Our traveler's spirits were anxious to wake up on time the next morning.

The first ferry to the island was booked for 6:30 am, leaving from Post Townsend. To have the reserved spot still available for us we had to be there not later than by 6am. Milana and Evan were put into their car seats still in the PJs, and Leona and Ivana got dressed into their clothes, thoughtfully picked out in the evening.

We were on the ferry dock before the sunrise, which allowed me to snap a few photos here and there.
The ride to Keystone was was about 30 minutes and we decided to stay inside the car to keep warm. From Keystone we took Rd. 20 and drove for about an hour to Anacortes to catch another ferry to the Orcas Island.

The view from the bridge at the Deception Pass from one island to another was breathtaking and the rushing tidal waters made beautiful swirls that almost had the ability to put you in trance if you kept on watching them for a while.

Ferry from Anacortes was $60.00 both ways, and we managed to be on the 10:15 am ferry to Orcas.

The skies were bluer than blue, and snow covered Mt. Baker (the second tallest mountain in Washington, rising around 10,000 ft above the sea level) could be seen in the distance. Being inactive volcano at the moment it is one of the greatest places to go skiing in the area.
The ferry was not crowded at all, taking into consideration that the San Juan Islands are a hot tourist destination during the summer. Walking on the deck we could enjoy stunning views all around us. There were so many different shades of blue that I almost felt the need to name them myself.
An hour later and after a short stop at Shaw Island we arrived to the Orcas Island. Following Betsy's directions we successfully found Deer Harbor and started looking for David and his boat to take us to Waldron, to finally meet Bob and Betsy.


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