Saturday, August 7, 2010

Fun times.

There was no end to great fun projects for the kids to do on Gardendwellers farm. Holly is great with children, and since day one there were a lot of new things for them to explore and try out.

On the day we arrived I helped with packaging the herbs for Barry to deliver to the stores the next day. Since our woofing hosts take it very seriously with being careful and follow all food safety procedures, there was no place for kids to hang around.

Instead, the girls were given a scavenger hunt page and took off running around the farm looking for a bird, stuck in a tree, 7 wind chimes, a labyrinth, birdhouse, pixie fairy doll, Mr. Toad's house, the tree face and so on. They were able to get most of the things on the list with only a few left (I guess the toughest ones) to find during our full tour of the gardens the next morning.

When they completed the scavenger hunt they all got to make a special bracelet using sticky paper and flower petals they could pick anywhere around them in the garden.
Willow trees provided great natural materials for Ivana and Leona to come up with a fairy dress up game. They made dresses for themselves from willow branches, decorated their head pieces with colorful flowers and use the tree sap to attach other final details of the costumes to their shoes and even nails.
On Friday, after a few hours of us harvesting basil and lemon basil for the farmer's market, Holly had yet another fun activity for the kids to do. Flower pounding!
They first practiced on a scrap piece of paper and then got to make a greeting card to send to their friends. The cards turns out great!
I joined in for some fun as well, and before we knew it there were five happy people hammering away! Oh, boy, it was a lot of noise!


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