Saturday, August 21, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Two cowboys.
Don't you just love this smile!
It is THE day!!! Ivana has been counting days till her birthday. And it finally happened. She is officially 9 and wwoofer captain is officially 34. They both wanted cowboy hats and boots as presents. I just couldn't imagine Mirek wearing the cowboy boots, so he got a hat (as he had wished for) and a shirt.

I couldn't find the right size for Ivana, so she got another kind of hat, a cowgirl belt and the boots. They were on the cloud nine. As for me, it was hard to keep the presents hidden for a few days, because I had gotten them while we were in Montana. So, there were a few tricks involved to make sure they wouldn't know till THE day. Happy birthday, my beloved wwoofing mates!!!


Unknown said...

Wow!!!! Happy belated birthday my sweet Ivana!!!! Just the other day I was looking at the pictures we took when I first came to visit you. YOU were the cutest chubby rosy cheeks doll I had ever seen in my life and we had such an amazing time together. You splashed the water all over me during bath times and you slept on the sofa bed with me in the morning.
And now you have become this beautiful, graceful, smart, and loving young lady whom I adore and love to pieces!!! I cannot wait to see you gain one day and for you and I to have our own chit chats!
It is such an honor knowing you, sweetheart!

Thank you for being in my life!

With lots of love and hugs,


Unknown said...

And Happy Belated birthday to the best daddy in the world!!!!
I am in awe at all the beautiful things you have accomplished in your life at such a young age and I know it in my heart that your life has millions and millions of more adventures in store for you!
Thank you for being an inspiration, a friend, and most importantly for being YOU!

Sending you all my love and many hugs!


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