Friday, August 20, 2010

Are you a Green Single?

We were leaving and it was time to say good buys, again. The greenhouse was all cleaned up and there was nothing else for us to do on the farm.

Farmer Fred was expressing his thanks for coming and helping him out. Actually, we were his very first wwoofers and he was very happy with his experience of having us over. Not only Mirek had helped with lifting the house up and providing other professional advice on structural problems of the farm house, but it felt like we kept Fred a nice company let it be for a few days only. So, not only the host gets to offer a lot to the wwoofers with learning opportunities and various exciting experiences on the farm, but sometimes the woofers can boost the morale of a lonely farmer, too.

Fred enjoyed talking to Mirek and expressed gratitude to me for giving him advice of using wwoofers a bit more than how he had "used" us. We had to volunteer our help, basically begging for something to do. But ideally, it should come from the hosting farmer and the relationship between the farmer and wwoofers should be more balanced with what the both sides give and receive.

We wished Fred to have a better summer next year, with more sun and less sea fog. And hope he'll start selling his produce to the local restaurants and making some money on farmers markets in Astoria, OR (which is 30 minutes away). Fred really loves the idea of living on the farm and taking care and nurturing the plants. Being a cook, he enjoys preparing meals with the freshest produce possible.

We felt like he needed a little more organizing and maybe some self discipline. But he is a great guy with a kind heart who means well and "lets everybody do whatever they want" on the farm, as his friend said. So, if you know of a nice single gal who is interested in farming, let Fred know before he finds someone on "" (per my suggestion! Wink!).


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