Thursday, August 19, 2010

We made it to the Pacific!!!

"From Sea to Shining Sea!!!" Yei! We did it! Hear we come, the Pacific Ocean!!!

On the second day of our stay on Fred's farm, he checked on the radar on the internet to find out about the condition of the sea fog. It looked like we had a chance of having some sun while going to see the Pacific Ocean. The radar was showing that it was sunny by the Long Beach and we got excited. Everybody put their bathing suits on quickly and we for those 15 minutes of driving to the shore the kids were happily singing: "We are going to see Pacific! W are going to see Pacific!"

We were enjoying a beautiful scenery and the sights of low tide where the Columbia river meets the ocean. Columbia river is known as a ship grave yard of the Pacific. Since it is foggy most of the time throughout the year this water outlet became the place where a lot of ships had been wrecked and lost in the sea.
When we were getting some gas in town, the sea fog was back. No sun. You could actually see the fog moving inland, heavily hanging above our car, and houses, and moving fast.

So, I guess a few people got a kick out of seeing us jumping out of the car in our bathing suits (that was if they could see us in that fog!!!). It is allowed to drive onto the beach with your car, and so we did that, remembering to watch the waves and the tide, as some people forget and get stuck if they do not pay attention to the tide schedule. Some people were flying kites because it was the first day of the International Kite Festival, and people come from all over the world.
We couldn't stay long as we were not properly dressed. We needed jackets and probably skiing hats to keep warm. Or maybe it was just us , the older folks. But the kids don't really have thermostats and had a great time anyway, playing in the sand and scavenging for treasures . The sand was gray and cold, but the girls dug out a big hole and were jumping into it.

Mirek had to try fishing, of course. The pelicans and sea gulls were showing him where to cast, plus a sea lion would pop out of the water every now and then, kind of greeting us in the waves and proving once again that the fish was there. It was such a phenomenal sight to see and the binoculars came in handy. I closed myself in the cabin of the truck and had all the fun watching the animals in their natural habitat.

Did Mirek catch a fish? Yes, he did! A shiny finger size sardine. But he did!

In an hour or so we were ready for some hot cocoa, just like after spending a nice afternoon playing with snow...


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