Saturday, August 14, 2010

Lake Como Campground.

Our hard working crew decided to take a short break from woofing and spend a few days enjoying Montana! We came to a state campground by a breath taking Lake Como and stayed for 4 nights. We so needed some time to recuperate and put ourselves together after the Soft Rock Road experience!

Our activities included canoeing, fishing, more canoeing and more fishing! The lake was too cold to swim, but the kids had fun playing with the rocks and wade in the water.

For the first time since we left, we had a proper outlet to have an AC. But guess what! We were in Montana in the middle of August and instead of AC we had to use a heater! The nights were chilly but very pleasant. We made fire every evening and would stay up late to watch the sky. The sky was seeded with stars and The Milky Way was so clearly visible!
One night we counted 5 satellites orbiting around, and spotted 9 shooting stars, which was a truly amazing sight.

We were waiting for the 10th one, but then decided to go to bed at midnight, thinking that nobody would believe us if we told them that we had seen 10 shooting stars in less that one hour.


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