Sunday, August 15, 2010

More pictures.

I am so behind with posting about our travel, so I decided to post just a few photos with some comments. Here we are happy dining after coming back from a 8 miles hike around the Lake Como.
Freshly caught fresh water trout was a special treat for us from our neighbors. We had 6 fish for dinner and the the next day we had another 4 for breakfast.
Going for a 8 miles hike. Evan was in a back carrier and Milana did a lot of walking on her own. Just on the way back the little feet got a bit tired and Mirek would carry her.
Our modest picnic lunch with the million dollar views.
Newly potty trained Evan is enjoying the beautiful landscape.
Panderosa Pine butterflies were everywhere and were very eager to land on you.


Diana said...

It's a long and interesting trip!
It's getting colder and colder...
When are you going to go back to PA?

Evan is soooooooooo cute enjoying the landscape!!!


Julia and Mirek said...

Privet, Diana!!!
Thanks for stopping by! We are slowly moving a bit south, going to CA next weeks and then east. Estimating coming back to PA by the end of October. Hope you guys are OK with all the fires around Moscow!!!

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