Sunday, August 8, 2010

A special project.

When were ready to move on to Montana on Sunday, we had something we left behind on Gardendwellers farm. A special water sign that Mirek built for Holly and Barry. Every time they look at it they'll think about the noisy woofing crew that passed by in the summer!

And we left with phenomenal insight knowledge of running a successful business, and a lot of marketing tips that according to Holly are absolutely crucial for any farmer to know and implement. The lesson on marketing that I had next to the fragrant herbs sitting on the lawn will be my guidance once we are ready to have a farm of our own. I was taking notes scrupulously while Holly was talking, not being able to write it fast enough. Holly's desire to share valuable tips that she had collected over the years made it to be a special gift for our family's future farming operation.

Both farms that we had stayed on in North Dakota added important knowledge we really needed. We know now what we really don't want to do (like running a dairy operation), and what we'll definitely do (like growing a herb garden).


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