Friday, September 3, 2010

Exploring rain forest.

Everybody knows that the most famous part of world's rain forests are in South America, and Brazil is sure to be the most famous for the vastness of it. But we didn't take a trip to Brazil. One afternoon after completing our chores, we visited a rain forest on Olympic Peninsular here, in the beautiful state of Washington.

Close proximity to the Pacific Ocean and almost continuous sea fogs that occur throughout the year bring a lot of moisture. Washington is known as the evergreen state. When the mountains are not scarred by the logging industry the greenery is all around in different shades and levels of density.

Tree trunks and brunches covered with moss look almost surreal in this part of the world. Various vegetation covering the floor of the forest makes it hard to hike but the fallen logs become instant pathways that are fun for the kids to walk on and explore the mysterious rain forest.

Larry took his machete to clear the way, and the girls were able to get down to the creek and picked up some of the biggest leaves. Kids started claiming the mini islands to be their own and the imagination was unleashed instantly.

We couldn't stay for too long, as the goats that we had taken with us for a walk decided to stay behind and enjoy the blackberry leaves for supper. We had to go to pick them up before they wandered off into the woods where bears and cougars could easily get them.

So when you are in Washington grab your rain gear and make sure to go for a hike in the rain forest. I promise you you'll be in awe.


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