Sunday, September 5, 2010

Our week in pictures.

Bluer than blue...
When it rains we don't stop having fun.
Little fingeres are perfect for shelling the mustard seeds.
Building a 48x24 greenhouse.
Woofer Geins is making goat treats from blackberry pulp, a byproduct of wine making.
The youngest wwofer on the farm is getting his turn in back adjustments.
Music night. Wwoofer Jennifer is playing a mandolin, Tony (Sandy's friend) is playing a fiddle, Sandy is playing a guitar, and Mirek is trying to keep up with them playing the old time music.
Wwofer Ian is building a fire oven.
Wwoofers Erin, Leona, Ivana, Milana and Jennifer are harvesting rhubarb.
Rhubarb hats!


Unknown said...

Those good old slavic blue eyes ! I know all about them ! Beautiful pictures. And Rhubarb, hummm!

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