Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Milana's favorite farm.

On Granny's Farm we all have had such a phenomenal time. But Milana in particular. She met a friend, another woofer, a girl named Jennifer. Jennifer is "third in charge" on the farm. She has been staying here since last fall, trying to figure out what to do with her life after graduating from college and learning some important life skills meanwhile. She is an "animal cop" as we jokingly started calling her when she would gently remind the girls not to pick up the cats too much, and especially when Evan needed to be told by a different authority rather than his parents not to pull cats by their tails. Jennifer is originally from Basking Ridge, New Jersey.

Milana became Jennifer's shadow. She constantly held Jennifer's hand, waited for her by the bathroom door, and even went for a nap even though she stopped napping business two years ago. They drew pictures together, read books, harvested beans and rhubarb, fed chickens and donkeys, picked eggs and baked pies. Jennifer became Milana's Mom for a week.

The last night before we left Milana was very upset. She didn't want to go and cried asking us: "Why do we have to leave this farm? Why do we have to go to another farm? Why, Mom?"
I tried my best to explain to her that we had to move on with our travels, that there would be other farms that she would have great time and meet new friends and have a lot of fun. She looked at me with her beautiful blue jewels and calmly, but firmly said: "But I like Jennifer's farm the most! It is my favorite farm!".

At 11:36 am we pulled out from Granny's Farm's driveway having 6,419 miles into our trip. A bottle of blackberry wine (that we decided to save for Christmas), a CD with Sandy's music and a book by John Seymour "The concise Guide to Self-Sufficiency", were the special gifts we were presented with by Larry and Sandy. Thank you! And we hope to have YOU wwoof on our farm one day!


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