Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Coastal Oregon.

Yesterday we drove through almost all of Oregon. The goal was to make it to CA, but with all the long breaks along the spectacular coastline we didn't quite make it.

The road was winding and our average speed didn't exceed 50 mph. The coastal drive is very popular and famous. It has been featured in a lot of biking magazines and at least a third of all the traffic was one or another kind of recreational vehicle. When we passed by another Airstream both parties would happily exchanged greetings by waving, or nodding, or blinking to each other. That means that we belong to a very special community of people who love to travel with style!
There were a lot of places to stop by and enjoy the scenery. The viewpoints were almost every few miles and the kids always welcomed an opportunity to play in the sand. Mirek made shovels for Milana and Evan from the drift wood, and he also came up with an idea of making sand toys from scrap drift wood. I thought it was a great idea! Hand carved three piece set: a bucket, a shovel and a sea creature, like a whale, or a sea lion, a fish, or even a mermaid. The drift wood came from the beach and it belongs there. Very environmentally friendly, and there is no limit to using one's imagination!

From Mirek's point of view (being a Captain of our "land yacht") it was a challenging drive with lots of small towns to go through, plenty of ups and downs, breaking before the curve and accelerating to get more speed to climb up. We didn't do much progress in one day, but we all agreed that the fantastic views were absolutely worth it!

This coastal drive became one of my favorites on our trip. Rocks sticking out from the ocean, waves constantly chasing one another and then crushing down to billion salty drops, the blue green water and the abyss down under, music of the ocean and glistening carpet of undescribable beauty became engraved into my mind every time I close my eyes and think of Oregon.


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