Thursday, September 9, 2010

Whale watching.

When we stopped near the town called Bandon to enjoy another breath taking natural wonder, the gentleman on the parking lot gave us a few hints to what to watch out for if we wanted to see the whales.

"Look out there. If you hang out long enough you'll be lucky to spot whales. Watch for the birds circling around. If the whale is nearby it spooks the fish and that attracts the birds. Then watch for the spray coming from the blow hole. The whales come up to breath air. With some patience you'll surely see them. We saw them and my wife took a lot of pictures", he told us.

We kept on looking and looking. And it was true. The whales were there and in a short while we spotted them. First it was hard for me to point to the kids to where precisely to look because the ocean is so open and vast. But then I and Mirek shared our sunglasses and with reduced sun glare the girls were happily dancing when they saw a whale pop up a few times.

Let it be only be a few glimpses from far away, but knowing that the animal was happy being in its natural habitat made us realize one more time that freedom is so valuable for all the living creatures.


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