Friday, September 10, 2010

Muscles for dinner.

390 miles in one day was enough of driving for everybody. Wwoofer Geins came along with us from Granny's Farm because he needed a little boost to push it south on his bike. So we had enough hands to pick a lot of muscles for dinner.

There was no red tide warning on the beaches so the muscles were safe to munch on.

A campground was easy to find but the cost was a bit of a surprise. $26.00 per night for a state campground was on a higher margin.

Muscles were slowly cooking over the fire and distributing a nice aroma. The flavor was different from the oysters and we were impatient to crack the hot shells.

Sand was cracking on our teeth (we should have rinsed the muscles in the water first), but being the first timers we still did very well, I think.

Evan couldn't have enough of the muscles and Geins couldn't keep up with the demand.

The night flew by and in the morning Geins was ready to hit the road on his bicycle again. "I have to earn California," he said. We bad farewell to our new friend and thought of him being in CA two days later. He would most likely be still in Oregon.


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